The Library is a Place as well as a Virtual Destination

Dear Faculty and Students of the MFA-IA Program,

Welcome to the winter residency.

I am proud to announce that the library has recently transitioned to a different integrated system with an online catalog that offers various new features. The interface is easier and more intuitive to use.  Your account access is your 6 digit Goddard ID and password.  Our new online catalog does more than list what is in our collection. You can review books and share your comments easily, make requests and track your borrowing history. One new feature includes the ability for you to create a list of publications and save it , e.g. books of on a specific topic. The library has created a public list entitled ” MFA Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty and Guest“.  This includes works by current Education Faculty and residency guests. The online catalog provides access to this under the pull- down menu called “Lists” (top left corner of initial screen).

These  publications by authors affiliated with your program are on display  in the library, grouped together on shelves under  a sign that says “Residency Display”.  Thanks to our librarian, Helen Linda, who put together the list and residency display.

Our staff member Dustin Byerly, created a new exhibit with information about Goddard’s history, entitled  “  The History of the Goddard Experiment Exhibit, 1949-1959”.  The exhibition focuses on the educational programs and experiments that were developed at Goddard College during the 1950’s. This is just the third in a series of exhibits that will eventually document the entire history of Goddard College.

You may also visit the Gallery in the Pratt Center and check out our new additions.  This Gallery is made up of works of art from many different artists and in several different mediums. We have drawn from both current and former students, staff, local community members and our own archives to create a rich and diverse exhibition. The Gallery includes art work from current MFA-IA students Otok Ben-Hvar and Richard Ambelang.

Online access to library and information technology resources is available through gnet

I would also like to ask you to please return items you have on loan from last semester, which are due on the first day of your semester residency. The library staff is noticing that more and more students are requesting the same titles. Please return items on time so that they can circulate and be available to your fellow students.

Your feedback on any or all of the above is always welcome.

Have a good semester.


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