Clean up your inbox!

Link to Email GameDo you need a little help getting your inbox cleaned up? Make a game out of it with! After logging in with your email address and password (they keep your login information safe) you are given points for either deleting, archiving or boomeranging your email.

See how many points you can get while having some fun AND cleaning up your inbox.

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2 Responses to Clean up your inbox!

  1. Clara Bruns says:

    Thanks for this tip! This is a fun incentive. I find email clutter very draining. There is so much that is ” semi-junk” and needs to be looked at briefly before I delete it. I sometimes clean-up by doing a search by topic or sender and then I sort out the search results item by item. But I can’t move email from the search results list into a folder. I can add a label (folder) , but not remove it from the inbox at the same time. Any tips on this?

  2. Chip Ilstrup says:

    Hi Clara,
    You’re right, the button to archive an email (remove it from the inbox) does disappear when you’re looking at a group of emails sorted by labels…


    You can use the archive keyboard shortcut to archive the emails!

    Just press the letter e on your keyboard to archive an email or a group of selected emails. If you want to learn more of the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, just press the ? on your keyboard while in your inbox or in a message.